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If you were pleased with our services, we would appreciate a kind word. If you take time to write a testimonial on your experience, we would appreciate it. Thank You.

Here are some of the things our clients have said about us.

"I was referred to Mark by a CPA who could not provide some financials we needed for our apartment complex and we needed them quickly for a dispute. He had them the next business day. My husband and I have dealt with many financial professionals over the past 15 years, both here in San Antonio and in California where we used to run another business. He is the most competent CPA I have ever hired, hands down. He is very fairly priced, a nice and genuine individual to deal with (not a greedy corporation) and the person I will go to from now on."

-Cecile Castaneda, San Antonio apartment owner, Del Rey Apts

"Mark has been doing our tax returns for over 5 years. We have found him to extremely competent and knowledgeable CPA. We also love his on line system. Mark is the best!!!!!!"

-Patrick and Susan, San Antonio

"I consider Mark a vital extension of my business. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, accessible, and current. He stores and saves all tax documents so if a document is ever needed, I don't have to stress over trying to find it. This was extremely helpful when closing on a house a few years ago. I look forward to Mark's blogs and they are always insightful. It's such a great feeling to know that Mark was there, is there, and will be there for me when needed."

-Scott M. - individual taxpayer, San Antonio

"I have known and used Mark's services for many years. He is great to work with, very knowledgeable, and actually knows what he is talking about. He has helped me several times when problems arise, especially in retail record keeping and recording. He is knowledgeable with corporation record keeping, filing and making it right. He has always been there when I needed him. I especially enjoy his keeping us with modern technology (I can't) and implemented them in his services to his clients. Great website, easy to use and make transferring records very easy to use. If I stay in business forever, I hope Mark Lackie, *CPA does too. I don't even want to think about having to use another service more or less contracting with one. Right on Mark. *Care - Patience - Always."

-Ted Resnick - Kim Mar Enterprises, Inc., San Antonio retail business owner

"Mark is the most wonderful CPA you could ever find! He is the most competent, professional, nowledgable and detailed person for the job I know! I have had amazing service and returns for the past 5 years. He is always sending blogs with loads fo information with new laws and everything you must now to be on top of your return. He provides this amazing modern client portal, how very east to just review all of my information he provides to me, and then all I have to do is upload all tax forms that are needed. Even after I provide everything I think I need, he actually reviews it so closely along with my prior year return, that he then contacts me with changes he picks up on, thus prompting me for additional items that may be required and beneficial. Can't say enough about this amazing CPA, wouldn't have anyone else for the job!"

-Melodi T., an individual taxpayer, San Antonio, Texas

"Mark is an absolute CPA genius! He has helped our business out tremendously, taking care of situations quickly, thoroughly, and always with a pleasant smile on his face. We would be lost without him. Mark came highly recommended to us, and has lived up to that recommendation. We were so pleased with how he handled our business taxes that he does our personal as well. Unfortunately for Mark, he's stuck with us... we would never want anyone else as our CPA."

-Kenny & Renee, Boerne, Texas

"I love your online tax system. I have had to provide tax information and it is so easy to just log in and print the information needed."

-Maria - President of a cleaning company, San Antonio, Texas

"I have known Mark for 5 years now; I have referred several of our business members with start-up business financials. I referred Mark to one of my business members that was having troubles with their current CPA. Not only did Mark help them to provide the business financials to complete a transaction; but what was impressive to our members was the patience and the willing to teach them ways to make their bookkeeping as easy as possible. I will continue to refer Mark for all my start-up and existing businesses as a part of their growth plan for their business."

-Lisa, a commercial lender, San Antonio, Texas

"If you need a good CPA, CALL Mark, he is your man."

-Emery, a realtor, San Antonio, Texas

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